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Designing a stylish collection of Beads Earrings such as Ladies Beaded Earrings, Artificial Beaded Earrings  to meet the demands of our clients...

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About Our Company 

A designer must always understand the exact needs of the clients he/she aiming to cater to. Ornaments created without understanding the demands of clients, may not please clients. For best results, one must research the market for latest trends as well as communicate with clients to produce the best. This is exactly what, we, Pumpkin Handicrafts, do while creating our range of Beads Earrings. The demands of beaded earnings have increased in the past few years, this is why in 2018, we decided to start our own business enterprise in the market. The goal with which we started working was to revolutionize the beaded earrings market and fashion industry. Within a year of our operation, we have become an acclaimed manufacturer and wholesaler of the same in the Indian market. 

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